Why You Should Have Double Glazing Windows in your Home

Save energy but staying awesome at your house

Double glazing window make sure you cool by being a good barrier from the heat in the summer season. If you want to know, the inside temperature of your home should be cooler by 80C to 120C than an uninsulated without thermal insulation glass. Basically thermal insulation glass would keep you warm because this kind of glass is preventing any heat loss. So, I can say that your double glazing window would work effectively both in winter and summer. Your home will be warmer or cooler as you wish. This is the main reason why you should use the double glazing window, because it’s more efficient to heat and your place will be much more comfortable to live in. In fact, you can consider by buying the double glazing window is a shrewd investment for reducing your heating bills.

02-Double Glazing and roofline


The thermal insulation glass solutions works by reflecting the heat back into your room and allows your house to get more benefit by the free solar energy. If we estimated, over a 20 year period, you can save as much as £9.000 on heating costs for an average sized semi – detached home and fuel costs rise because double glazing window can halve the amount of energy lost by single glazing.

How it works?

Double glazing window comprised from two panes of glass that get separated by a spacer bar and seals in order to create a hermetically – sealed environment. The cavity width is placed between the two panes, air or gas filling used. The types of spacer bar itself are all key factors in the unit’s final energy, solar and also for acoustic insulation properties. The cavity is being filled under vacuum condition with dehydrated air or an inert gas to boosting insulation and prevents any condensation within your double glazing window.

Basically, the cavity width is range between 4 to 20 mm, based on the gas filling used and also the type of window. In order to do energy saving on your double glazing window, it would be better if you make 16 mm filled with dehydrated air and 14 mm filled with argon gas. Still, the width requirements on the cavity for acoustic insulation glazing would depend on the specific insulation requirements. You also need get an advice from professional on a case by case basis. I can say that double glazing window play a very important role in increasing the comfort in your house because it is stabilizing internal temperature in your place. At the same time, your double glazing window also reduces the energy costs for heating and cooling (which is good for family budget and environment!)

The Rising Sustainable Trend: Double Glazing Window

Why you must get the double glazing window?

Traditional window glazing consist a single sheet of glass within window sash. As named, the double glazing window refers to a sealed glass unit comprising two sheets of glass that get separated by a spacer bar around the outside of glass. The spacer bar create a nominated mm width air gap between the glass panes, the air gap will helps create the insulation break between the inside and outside of the window. In addition, the double glazing window also controls any noise while not impeding the view in your place. If you asking me, which window and door that should be getting the double glazed? I would say that you need them all. Why? Because the double glazing window allows the low winter sun to stream through and keep your place in a warm condition. Once the sun radiant heat passed through the double glazing window and off the glass, your room will retains the ambient heat and prevent any heat loss back through the glass. To get the best results from your double glazing window, it would be better if you can make 9 mm width. But if you want to increase the air gap between two panes of glass, make sure to not go over 15 mm because it will not gives you any extra significant thermal benefits.



What double glazing window does to your home?

You already know that double glazing window is helping you to feel more comfortable in your own house. But, you must be curious on how it really works, don’t you? Basically, get the right window is one of the most important things when you planned to designing your home. It would be the best thing ever if you can glaze the window that meets the demand of energy efficiency (sustainability), security and style. In double glazing window case, every character and thermal performance of your place will be fully decided by the choices you take on the design phase. Beautiful window always be an interesting elements in the fabric of your place, it can provide fresh air, light and view that connect the interior with the exterior. In the other hand, the ordinary single glazing window represent a major source of heat gain in the winter season and significant factor of heat loss in the summer season. Nowadays, as the peak trends of double glazing window is ongoing, there are so many remarkable new framing and glazing materials that changed the way of energy performance of windows significantly. Basically, energy efficient window will make your place more comfortable to live on whilst it significantly reduce the energy costs and help create a cleaner, brighter and healthier environment.

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